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Summer Study Away

Due to ongoing travel restrictions and health advisories during the COVID-19 pandemic, all Trinity Programs for Summer 2020 have been cancelled.

For many students, summer is the perfect time to go abroad. Whether you're looking to experience a new culture, learn a new language, deepen your knowledge of an particular area, or all of the above, Summer Study Away offers students an immersive experience outside of the stresses of the normal semester. 

十大网赌平台 administers several summer programs each year but students can also elect to go on an external summer program.

Here's how to get started: 

1. ALL PROGRAMS - All students must meet with a study away adviser before applying to their program.  Make an appointment to meet with a study away adviser via the online appointment system.  Note that study away advisers work with different geographic areas for both semester and summer programs so please make an appointment to meet with the study away adviser for the program or area you are interested in.  

2. TRINITY PROGRAMS - Complete the online application which is available on the programs pages to the left.


                                           a. If you are interested in an approved external summer program, check with your academic advisor and the registrar to ensure that the courses you are interested in taking will transfer credit back to Trinity.

                                            b. Complete a Summer Request to Study Away HERE

                                            c. Apply to your program directly through the program or provider HERE