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Consistent Strategy to Attract Clients

by Scott

One of the most consistent strategies I have ever seen to attract clients is to offer something for free.

Developing a relationship with a client is all about trust.  Before they get to know you they don't trust you enough to give you money for anything.  A very consistent method to overcome this is to give them something free.

You will notice on this site we offer a free ebook if you sign up for our newsletter.  We also offer free information in our blog about running a business and developing wealth.  Many people want to start with the financial arrangement and then work backwards to the trust part.

Unfortunately psychology doesn't work that way.  The concept of reciprocation exists deep in our minds. it is a biological imperative so to speak.

Reciprocation is that desire to give back to someone who has given to us.  The Hari Krishnas used it very effectively until airports in Europe actually banned them.

Create something of value and give it to your potential customers.  Give them a reason up front to trust you and learn from you.

The better you can educate them the better you will do.

Books are a great way to do this.  It builds authority in their mind because you have been published.  Even in the day of publish on demand it is pretty impressive to see someone who has gotten a book published.

Just the dedication it takes to finish a book shows they take it seriously.

Once you have that book, you can use it as a lead in to develop a relationship with your prospects.  Some marketers give away digital copies of their physical books for free.  

You can get a couple of Mark Joyner's best selling books for free.  If you don't want to get them for free you can always order them from Amazon.  I will provide links for both of them.

Free digital copies                                                         Physical Books from Amazon

Great Formula by Mark Joyner -                                 

Irresistible Offer By Mark Joyner                                

The Great Formula is about how to create maximum profit with minimum effort.  It is a solid book on how to set up your business and develop wealth in your life.  

The Irresistible Offer is about creating an offer that allows you to sell your products quickly and easily.  Put the two books together and you have a rock solid plan for growing your business.

If you don't like digital copies of a book, you can't go wrong with buying the hard copies.  They are excellent books and I have read them several times.

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 Consistent Strategy to Attract Clients


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