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Profit Pyramid and Social Media

by Scott

Simpleology 201 and Mark Joyner has completed another interesting video. It is done in a kind of Twilight Zone-ish manner. It is an interesting example of how someone with a very minimal set up (Camera, script and software) can create a sales funnel for their product.

I always hear people say they just don't know how to get started with something. In copywriting, experts recommend building swipe files. Taking ads that run very well or that appeal to you and keeping them in your files. Swiping the best ideas of the leading marketing out there.

Well Mark is an excellent online marketer. One way you can legally steal from him is to simply watch the free video and follow along his sales funnel. Start your own swipe file of emails that he sends. You can create a filter in your email program to collect them very easily. You can get an invaluable education just by watching how it is done.

To get started just click Profit Pyramid. He even gives you a free gift of the Profit Pyramid to keep as well.

The question is can social media make his launch a success? Follow along and see how you can improve your marketing with Mark
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PS What are you waiting for? Harvard or Yale would charge you thousands and not deliver the value you get here. Profit Pyramid

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 Profit Pyramid and Social Media


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