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What you can learn from Wally in Dilbert

by Scott

I love Dilbert.  I have for years.  WIth a background in engineering and corporate culture, many of the strips resonate deeply.  If you have never worked in that type of environment you may find them to be suspect but I can attest to their having a very strong basis in fact.

This comic hit home though as I read it this morning. Read the comic below and ask yourself if this is how you treat your employer or yourself if you are self-employed.  Do you spend more time effort and energy on not accomplishing anything than you do on making the world a better place?

We all have the same time in a day.  Many people seem to get far more done in that time frame than others do. The question you need to ask yourself is


Are you daily taking steps to get closer to your dream life?..... and before you can even begin to answer that one you need to ask yourself this...

What does my dream life really look like? 


Could you answer immediately?  Or do you have to stop and think about it?   Wally's dream life is to do nothing and be held accountable for nothing.  I would say he daily takes steps to reach that life.  You can argue that his goal is not one that benefits the world and I won't disagree with you.

Do you have a vision of your dream life that you are working towards?  If you don't have a destination in mind it really doesn't matter where you are going. 

Take some time today to sit down and write out your dream life.  Not a fantasy life but a realistic version of what you would love to spend time doing. 

Then take the steps to get there.  Sign up for a free account at Simpleology


86849.strip What you can learn from Wally in Dilbert

Scott Lovingood Signature What you can learn from Wally in Dilbert

PS  Take action today and you are on the road to success.

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 What you can learn from Wally in Dilbert


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